A remuneration system overhaul within a regional bank


  • Our client, a fully-credited bank and member of a French cooperative bank, sought our assistance to solve two problems: employee dissatisfaction regarding remuneration, which was revealed through the latest Quality of Life at Work survey conducted by the bank, and the continuous increase in staff costs within the context of an unstable GNP.
  • The bank asked 99 Advisory to assist in analysing the existing system and identifying ways to improve the remuneration system for its employees


Our project featured an agile approach.

We first set up an overview of practices and developments in remuneration policy, before launching a collaborative project involving various internal working groups:

  • rallying groups of managers, employees and employee representatives to present elements of sector-specific benchmarks, to collect their field visions, and to get to know their needs.
  • setting up themed working groups, Mirror committees, (employee representatives, managers, employees) and a management committee
  • analysis and feedback of the results from the working groups
  • negotiations with all stakeholders followed by recommendations
  • implementation of a remuneration target system by the management committee based on our recommendations and the involvement of employees in this collaborative process


The combination of our retail banking and HR expertise, and our change management savoir-faire has enabled our client to deal with a sensitive subject while involving as many employees as possible in the evolution of the remuneration system



  • Internal consensus and involvement of social entities, including employee representatives, on a sensitive subject.
  • Facilitation of change management by involving managers, employees and employee representatives in all the bank’s challenges and constraints.
  • An HR policy (attractiveness, recognition and retention of talent) that’s more in line with the bank’s strategy and mid-term objectives: customer acquisition and satisfaction, operational and financial efficiency