Albéric SAVI

Albéric SAVI

Expert Consultant

How was your onboarding experience at 99?

I joined 99 Advisory in October 2018. I was lucky enough to be enrolled in the annual seminar organised in Sicilia, during which I met other consultants, I took part in workshops and discussed with the members of other business unit. It was a great opportunity to meet the firm’s members.

After a few weeks working on an article devoted to a specific topic, my focus was then on a 9 months audit mission within a retail bank. I learned a lot working on the reception, transmission, and execution of client’s orders, that was rewarding.

What projects have you been tasked with?

The first audit mission that I worked on really pushed me out of my comfort zone. This allowed me to implement the audit methodology’s operational procedure (creation of an audit framework, interviews preparation and conduction, test controls, results analysis and recommendations, audit reporting.)

I was then positioned on a banking risk management and steering mission in a large bank. I supported my client by overseeing, monitoring, and analysing the controls carried out by the bank’s subsidiaries and branches related to their termination. This mission covered all the risk aspects of a bank and allowed me to develop new skills and to become independent on such topics.

Finally, I am currently doing a compliance monitoring mission for a retail bank related to its portfolio management and investment activities.

How does the firm help you grow?

The offered missions are nothing but diverse, each mission is peculiar. This allows us to develop new technical skills (audit, project management, risk management, change management.) Consultants attitude grows towards the clients, we learn soft skills and specific consultancy industry know-how.

At 99 Advisory, we can also follow and deliver trainings, or convey news approaches and methodologies to others. Hence, I decided to follow an external audit training this year.

I believe, we grow up all together at 99 Advisory, both professionally and personally. The consultants are always guided by their managers, who remain available to answer any questions and provide their support.

How do you fit into the 99 Advisory values?

I have been part of the company for 2 years now, and I have seen how the implementation of all the MARBRES values are prominent.

I if must choose, I would say that excellency along with meritocracy are the heart of 99 Advisory. Thanks to what we call « people review » – a fact-based interview on the carried out accomplishments of the consultant over a predefined period of time – we can see our evolution as a consultant and progress professionally, especially in terms of hierarchy level.

I would add benevolence. We have an extremely supportive management, from the business unit Director to the managers. They remain available, they share the company’s value and they help us gain proficiency.

What do you like about the corporate culture?

Firstly, the seminar organised in Sicilia aiming to be integrated within 99 Advisory was a great experience. Secondly, in my business unit, afterworks are organised regularly. Thirdly, the consultants often share lunch with the managers, which creates such a powerful and strong team spirit.

99 Advisory frequently organises activities (karaoke, wine tasting, skiing) or integration workshops for newcomer. Those are the events which enhance the working environment and increase engagement among consultants.


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