Nicolas Monnet

Nicolas Monnet

Senior Manager

How was your onboarding experience at 99?

My first few steps at 99 Advisory were great. During the recruitment process, I felt a strong desire from the company to work with me, and, before I even started, I interacted with other colleagues, who were attentive, and made me feel comfortable as they prepared my arrival the best way. Once I joined the company, I was warmly welcomed by the HR team, the top management team and all my colleagues, which gave the tone of the atmosphere.

What projects have you been tasked with?

I was lucky enough to work on many different missions since I joined in 2017. For instance, I worked with an asset manager for a regulatory control, to manage a KYC solving team in a private bank, and to support an asset management company for a transaction followed up with an audit on the world branches. I took on several missions as a manager: compliance and internal control manager delegation and periodic control for entrepreneurial management companies.

How does the firm help you grow?

The diversity and complexity of the missions makes me grow within the company. Supporting asset management companies, whose activities cover the whole typologies of asset management in Paris (funds management, property management, private equity, forest investments), develops my knowledge and my skills. Also, 99 Advisory offers us a lot of trainings, on management, on transversal project (organizing client’s events for instance), we also participate in internal workshops, to improve our technical, operational, and soft skills. Finally, I discuss every day with many different experts of the company, who help me master market specificities, and who are the most appropriate teachers for very specific topics.

How do you fit into the 99 Advisory values?

I take my manager position seriously: I try my best to daily embody the values advocated by the firm, especially benevolence, respect, and meritocracy. For me it is mandatory to encourage team spirit and taking actions. Also, I pay attention to feedback to help my teammates improve and focus on their strengths.

What do you like about the corporate culture?

I appreciate all the various interactions with my colleagues, who come from different universes. It is pleasant for me to share opinions with them and to grow together in a dynamic and cooperative way. At 99 Advisory, we often participate in internal events which support team spirit: afterworks, discovery weekends, theme parties, and much more. Last year, I went to Champagne (French region) for the weekend, I also went to the Summer Party organized to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company: two unforgivable memories.


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