Linda Yang Xu

Linda Yang Xu

Consultant Confirmé

How was your onboarding experience at 99?

I had a rather special integration within 99 Advisory: I arrived just after returning to the office at the end of the lockdown. The team turnover in the offices was still in place but I was lucky enough to start on the day of the weekly call for my practice. So, I was able to introduce myself straight away in person and in virtual terms to the whole team. My integration went really well, I met very welcoming people, both in person and virtually!

What projects have you been tasked with?

I am on a mission in a banking group since July. I work on IT security reorganization and support issues. I had the opportunity to work on internal controls, second level internal audit on AML-CFT themes. I also had the opportunity to broaden my field of expertise by working on a GDPR mission: on how people’s data is collected, processed and stored.

How does the firm help you grow?

On mission, we are very well supported by our managers: we make regular calls to take stock, to share our problems, our questions and to see what are the needs for increasing skills.

Since I joined the firm, I have made a lot of progress and advanced professionally, while keeping room for improvement for the future.

How do you fit into the 99 Advisory values?

Among the MARBRES values ​​of the firm, I feel that Ambition is very present. It’s a feeling I had from the moment I arrived, I saw the motivation of the consultants. Everything goes very quickly: as soon as a subject is interesting, it is taken seriously! We are fortunate to be a very motivating firm, and we are motivated by the sharing of practice directors on current and won assignments. The firm puts us in a « we are not here to watch flowers grow » state of mind. We have to step out of our comfort zone and join in the growth of 99 Advisory. We develop new skills and raise opportunities; it goes both ways.

Then, I would say that Solidarity is particularly important at 99. If we want to stay in this firm, we must give ourselves the means and continue to evolve, we are guided in this direction.

What do you like about the corporate culture?

When I had my interview, before confinement, I saw the preparation of an afterwork, which gives the idea of ​​a good atmosphere in the office.

After returning to the offices, the consultants on my team took initiatives to continue doing virtual afterworks, we have coffee appointments to chat with the whole team and keep in touch despite the situation.

What I love is that everyone can take initiative, and everyone can participate!


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